The general rules of the Giant Cup have been decided and written by the organizer E-corp Gaming. E-corp Gaming is a trademark owned by ECG domiciled at 7 Rue Paul Lafargue in Puteaux and registered under the number siren: 817875123. Hereinafter referred to as "E-corp Gaming"

E-corp Gaming is a company specializing in the electronic sports. It offers various services such as team training services and esport players, careers and image management services for esport players, digital communication services (web content creation) and comunication services. events (event organization and animation around the esport).

The organizing team of E-corp Gaming is the only organization competent to organize and manage this competition. It reserves the right to modify the rules at any time and without notice. In case of modification, the new version will be published on the Site and a notification of modification will be sent to the Stakeholders at least 10 working days before their entry into force.

As part of its activities, E-corp Gaming has created and organized in France, a tournament for players of Trackmania called "Giant Cup". .

Hereinafter referred to as "The Tournament"


By participating in the Giant Cup, players accept, without resistance or interpretation, to respect the rules. Players accept the application of this regulation by the organizer. The organization also reserves the right to take decisions on matters not covered by the regulations or even contrary to this one in order to maintain the fair play and fairness of the competition and to ensure its smooth running.


Registration fees are € 34 for participants.

To participate, players must go to the Tournament page, which can be accessed at the following URL: Participants who comply with the participation conditions set out in Article 3 of this Regulation must accept the this Regulation. To complete the registration form by completing all the required fields.

E-corp Gaming is in charge of studying each of the inscriptions. Any inaccurate and / or incomplete registration will not be taken into account and will invalidate the participation. Only one inscription on the site is authorized (same names and postal addresses and / or electronic, on the understanding that the same person can not register several times with different postal addresses and / or electronic for some reasons either. number of registrations and / or responses from the same participant, only the first response received by E-corp gaming will be taken into account.In general, incomplete / erroneous, non-nominative entries / replies from a non-participants or made after the date and / or the deadline for reply, as well as those expressing reservations to this Regulation, will not be taken into account. and the time of reply received by E-corp gaming will prevail. .

Any modification of registrations occurring after the registration end date determined by the organizer may be taken into account. E-corp Gaming reserves the right to cancel or modify the rules of the Tournament if frauds were to be noticed


In accordance with the law of January 6, 1978 relating to computers, files and freedoms, participants have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete personal information about them on simple written request to ECG or by mail to

7 rue Paul Lafargue
92800 Puteaux


The allocation attributed to the tournament is fixed at 3000 € and will be distributed as follows

1300 € for the player finishing in first place
800 € for the player finishing in second place
500 € for the player finishing in third place
250 € for the player finishing in fourth place
100 € for the player finishing in fifth place
50 € for the player finishing in sixth place


E-corp Gaming reserves the right, on a discretionary basis, to modify, extend, shorten, suspend the Tournament without notice, without liability being incurred. Therefore, no compensation outside the reimbursement of registration fees in case of cancellation can not be requested by the participants.

E-corp Gaming may cancel all or part of the process of selection of participants if it appears that fraud has occurred in any form whatsoever, especially in a computer manner in the context of the participation or determination of the winner. In this case, it reserves the right not to award prizes to fraudsters and / or to prosecute the perpetrators of these frauds before the competent courts.


Participation in the Tournament implies the knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics but also the limits of the internet, the lack of protection of certain data against diversions or hacking and the risk of contamination by any viruses circulating on the network. . E-corp Gaming declines any responsibility as to the consequences of the connection of the participants. In addition, the responsibility of E-corp Gaming will in no case be retained in case of problems with routing or loss of e-mail whatsoever.

E-corp Gaming can not be held responsible if one or more participants can not receive the questions and send their answers due to any technical defect or any problem related in particular, and not limited to:

• congestion of the network;
• human or electrical error;
• any malicious intervention;
• the telephone link;
• hardware or software;
• any malfunction of software or hardware;
• disturbances that could affect the smooth running of games.


In accordance with the laws governing intellectual property rights, the reproduction and representation of all or part of the components of the Tournament are strictly prohibited without the prior agreement of E-corp Gaming

The brands mentioned on the occasion of the Tournament are registered trademarks by their respective owners. It is also recalled that all the elements and contents resulting from the game are the exclusive property of its publisher Nadeo.


By accepting the rules, the participants declare that they accept that E-corp Gaming and the partners of the event are given free of charge, to the recording of his image and his words. The dissemination and exploitation of these images and comments can be done through websites, press, films, photo library accessible without any access restriction and without remuneration of the person concerned. The organizer remains at your disposal for possible complaints concerning photos and videos that could be taken on the day of the event and published.


This regulation is available at and is subject to French law.




The tournament will start on Saturday morning (10am) with a qualification phase. At the end of the qualification phases, the players will be separated into 2 groups. The 32 best (64 players if more than 150 registered) will go into the tournament "Pro" and the others will participate in that of "Amateurs". The qualifications will be finished for the 12h30 break


All players will be spread over several servers (capacity of 100 players per server) according to a seeding done by the organizers. There will be 4 turns on each of the 4 maps with 1 "Warmup". At the end of the 4 maps, the 30 best players who have accumulated the most points will be qualified for Phase 2 and the others will fall directly into the "Amateur" Tournament.


The initial qualifying format is kept: 4 rounds on each of the 4 maps with 1 "Warmup", the 30 best will be qualified for the "pro" tournament, the remaining players will go directly to the "Amateur" tournament. There will be as many qualifying phases as necessary to keep the 32 best players who will enter the tournament "Pro". (Recall pro tournament carried to 64 players if more than 150 registered).

Warning: the seeding for the tournament "Pro" will be determined by the classification during the last phase of qualification. The player with the most points will be seed 1, the second best seed 2, etc.

Having the same number of runs to be done on each of the maps makes it possible to avoid being disadvantaged by the map order or the finalist mode.


Start of the tournament : 14:00

The 32/64 best players will take part in this tournament.
Classic lan format in 1v1v1v1.

All players leave at the same time, at the end of all runs on each map, the first 2 qualify for the next round, the other 2 are dumped in loser bracket, if they are already in loser, they are eliminated.

Award of points : 1st _ 10pts / 2nd _ 7pts / 3rd _4pts / 4th _ 3pts
Number of maps : 4
Duration : 50sec.
Style : Tech.
Respawn : Allowed.
Finalist Mode : Non.
Number of warmups : 1
Number of run by maps : 5


Start of the tournament : 15:00

The "Amateur" tournament allows registered players who have not completed the qualifications to continue playing. The format will be the same as during the qualifications with however some variants. Indeed instead of keeping ⅓ players per session, we will keep about ⅔ .There will be several rounds, the final of this tournament will be held on Sunday in the late morning with the last 10 survivors.

Award of points for qualifying and amateur tournament (from first to last)

140, 130, 125, 120, 115, 110, 107, 104, 101, 98, 95, 93, 91, 89, 87, 85, 84, 83, 82, 81, 80, 79, 78, 77, 76, 75, 74, 73, 72, 71, 70, 69, 68, 67, 66, 65, 64, 63, 62, 61, 60, 59, 58, 57, 56, 55, 54, 53, 52, 51, 50, 49, 48, 47, 46, 45, 44, 43, 42, 41, 40, 39, 38, 37, 36, 35, 34, 33, 32, 31, 30, 29, 28, 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.